We Will Not Go Quietly: a zine written by survivors of sexual assault, for survivors of sexual assault.

Have you survived sexual assault? Do you have something to say about the experience? Would you like to share your experience of survival? What it means to rebuild your life in the aftermath of assault? Would you like to hear other survivors’ stories?

If so, we’d love to hear from you!

To find out more or to contribute:

Great video from Take Back the Tech on how the internet can be used to campaign against violence against women or commit violence against women. Why not become part of Take Back the Tech’s campaign yourself? Find out more here:


One Response to Contribute

  1. brendon boyd says:

    This is an audio of a song I wrote that can touch people in a way that only a select few songs can do. It’ll open their eyes to the horrors of sexual assault and HIV. Along with it being a really good song it is above all, a message.
    The story of Grace is a very deep and dark story. This happens everyday around the world, and it needs to stop! If we all rise together as one, how can we fall? Please share this with the hashtag Saving Grace – #SavingGrace, so everyone can hear Grace’s story. I want to raise awareness for sexual assault, and HIV, but I need your help! So along with me, lets help Hip-Hop save lives!

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