Day 14. Take Back The Tech


Take Back The Tech is a collaborative campaign that happens each year for the 16 Days of Activism Against Gendered Violence. Take Back The Tech focusses its attentions on reclaiming IT – communications platforms and communications rights – for ending violence against women.

Technologies like the Internet, mobile phones, GPS – it’s easy to see how these can all be used to intimidate and threaten, to jeopardise safety, to commit harassment and violence. How they can be ready tools for perpetrators of violence against women. Yet, there’s no reason they can’t also be used to establish safety, to build confidence and provide spaces to speak out, to advocate for change and to strengthen networks and encourage solidarity.

Take Back The Tech collects stories from activists all over the world who are using the internet and other communications platforms to advocate for the rights of women, to share stories of overcoming violence and to create Tech spaces that cultivate “freedoms not fears”. They share strategies for keeping safe and strategies for speaking out. There are daily actions we can all take to part in and even a global map of violations and the actions victims have taken. From Pakistan to the Philippines, from Mexico to the Democratic Republic of Congo, women all over the world are taking control of their communications rights and platforms to advocate for freedom from gendered violence, and Take Back The Tech brings them together.

From North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe – there are Take Back The Tech campaigns taking place across five continents, in multiple languages. Why not take part? Share your stories of surviving violence. Join the Facebook and Twitter communities speaking out about violence against women. Find out what others are doing all over the world and pass on their work to your networks. Challenge a world in which gendered violence remains unspoken and unheard – just by speaking these stories, and by listening to them, a transformation is taking place, the power balance is shifting.


“Help us build a body of knowledge and document the experiences of violence that women and girls face online and through the use of internet and mobile technologies.

Collectively, we can make the invisible visible and demand for recognition and change. 

Stories can change the world. Take control of technology and share your story!”

Learn more about the role of technology in violence against women:

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