Behind the Scenes: More Than Ready Media Launch

Today, VicHealth launched a world-first report by Dr Anastasia Powell on sexism and bystander prevention. This report investigates the presence of sexism in the Victorian community. While the findings demonstrate an appalingly high incidence of sexist behaviours in the community, this research also shows that many Victorians find sexism unacceptable and inappropriate. Excitingly, it also shows that many people are willingly to speak out and condemn sexism when they encounter it.

The willingness to speak out against sexism is a powerful indication that most of us desire and are prepared to speak up for a culture that genuinely respects women and values their rights to dignity, equality and safety. A culture that respects women is a necessary step towards a world free from violence. Research like this ground-breaking report indicate only too clearly how important the attitudes, behaviours and language of each and every one of us are in combating violence.

A culture that respects women. A culture that prevents violence. Bystander prevention is one way we can all work towards that.

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